Dive into history at the Chalmette Battlefield

If you’re like most people, what you know about the Battle of New Orleans came from a history book. But just seven miles downriver at the Chalmette Battlefield is where it all happened, and it’s worth a visit. Start at the visitor center where an excellent video recounts the battle. Afterwards, drive or walk the 1.5-mile road leading past recreated defenses extending from the Rodriguez Canal at the Mississippi River to what was then the tree line of the cypress swamp at the northern end of the battlefield. 

The United States Civil War Chalmette National Cemetery is next to the battlefield, honoring Civil War soldiers who died on both sides. It holds only two American veterans from the Battle of New Orleans, but some 14,000 Union soldiers are buried here, including African American Buffalo Soldiers.

Chalmette Battlefield, 8606 West St. Bernard Highway, Chalmette, 504.281.0510

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