Peruse a centuries old public market by the river

Wander down Esplanade towards the river on the quiet side of the French Quarter early morning, and you’ll run smack into the French Market, a beehive of sellers unpacking their wares, artists setting up shop and food vendors preparing all manner of delectables, as it’s coming to life. The market was originally a Choctaw trading post dating back to 1791. It attracted French trappers, seafood hawkers and more than a few rowdy sailors to its riverside hub. Today, one of the oldest farmers markets in America is open daily. Explore the six-block open-air colonnade of produce, souvenirs and freshly prepared local dishes from Gulf oysters to muffulettas. Besides the likes of alligator-on-a-stick and hot sauce, you'll find stands packed with jewelry, hand bags, cheap sunglasses, and all things fleur-de-lis.

French Market, 1235 N. Peters Street, 504.596.3420,

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