Eat Beignets by the River

An all-time favorite New Orleans experience is to order takeaway beignets from Café du Monde and commandeer a bench facing the Mississippi. Wander that way just about any time and you’ll see folks with the same idea and clouds of powdered sugar swirling in the air like gnats on an August eve. These deep fried pillows of dough, served round the clock at the open air original Café du Monde on Decatur, come three to an order, hot from the fryer and dusted with powdered sugar. They are best enjoyed with a chicory-laced café au lait on the side. Adored by locals and visitors alike, beignets are a treat any time of day, which is a possibility since Café du Monde is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Café du Monde, 800 Decatur Street, 504.525.4544,

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Beth D'Addono


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