The safety and health of our guests remains our top priority.

NOPSI Hotel and our team have always focused on the safety and well-being of both guests and associates alike while also ensuring the best experience possible.  And since March 2020 specifically, we have taken pride in following all city, state, and federal guidelines and being good stewards of our community.  As we navigate the ever-changing landscape and continue to make progress as a whole, that philosophy and focus will remain the same.

As of January 11, 2022, the city of New Orleans will be requiring proof of at least one administered dose of an approved vaccine or negative PCR or antigen test within 72 hours for all indoor restaurants and bars for those ages 5 and older.  The city of New Orleans also requires that masks be worn at all times while in any indoor location.  The below outlines what this means for each of our outlets.

Public Service is its own encompassing outlet.  Anyone sitting at any of the tables, at the bar, or standing inside the restaurant would be required to provide the above information.  The only exception would be the two tables OUTSIDE of the restaurant.

Henry’s Gin Bar consists of the semi-circle bar top.  Anyone sitting at the bar would be required to provide the above information.  The rest of the seating is the lobby which is a public space and not part of any restaurant/bar.

Above the Grid is an outdoor outlet and rooftop space.  It is not applicable to any indoor requirements.

Anyone attending a wedding or group event will also be asked to show their proof of at least one approved vaccination or negative PCR or antigen test before entry to the event.

It should be noted that to-go items do not require our team ask for any documentation.  Only those dining or drinking indoors and in the areas outlined above will be required to show proof of vaccination/negative PCR or antigen test.  As we have always done, we encourage guests to utilize our spacious public lobby as well as our outdoor courtyard during your stay.

Please know that we continue to monitor all guidelines in place to ensure we are prepared to service all guests safely and efficiently.  Our commitment is unwavering to you as our guest and in being a leader in our community.  We look forward to hosting you and thank you for choosing NOPSI Hotel.  Safe travels.


Enjoy New Orleans!

Joseph Quilio

General Manager